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The Search for Absolute Returns:

How Absolute Returns Can Help You Reach Your Financial Goals

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Returns on low-risk investments like bank CDs, money market accounts and fixed annuities have been below the current level of inflation for the last several years. These "safe" investments may not even maintain the purchasing power of money, much less offer any growth.

Absolute return strategies appeal to investors seeking to preserve capital while also realizing better returns than available from many fixed income investments.

What are “absolute returns?” In the context of our report, this term describes investments that offer the potential for consistent positive returns AND reasonable growth over and above inflation.

In his latest Special Report, Gary D. Halbert shares with you in simple terms the sophisticated absolute return strategies that hedge fund managers have used for years and how you can employ those same strategies in your portfolio.

In this informative report you will learn:

  • Warren Buffett's first rule of investing and why you should start using it now
  • Eight types of "active management" strategies and how successful active managers can make money in up or down markets
  • How you can get away from the stock market roller coaster by using strategies designed to produce absolute returns

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