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AdvisorLink® - The Smart Way to Invest
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AdvisorLink® brings the power of professional active management to your investment portfolio, with the goal of producing absolute returns. It does this by focusing on successful third-party money mangers who use active investment strategies that seek to manage the risks of being in the market.

We searched among thousands of Registered Investment Advisors to find professional money managers with a history of superior returns at lower risk (when compared to certain unmanaged, passive investment benchmarks) using active management techniques, and have done so in different market conditions. 

AdvisorLink® is a defensive strategy for both bull and bear markets with a twist. Our recommended Advisors have programs that can potentially profit from up markets with reduced risk, and some use special mutual funds that are designed to rise when the market falls either as a hedge or to “short” the market. 

"Frequently Asked Questions" about AdvisorLink®

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Strategy Type
Conservative Growth Programs
Portfolio Strategies Tactical Blend
Combination of four strategies with the potential to capitalize on investment opportunities in almost any market environment.
Potomac Income Plus
Long, cash or hedged strategy using tactical analysis to trade fixed income and market neutral equity mutual funds.
Moderate Growth Programs
Measured Risk CLIP
Consumer staples stocks with a history of rising dividends largely comprise this strategy designed to allow an investor to take dividends as income.
Measured Risk MRP
Mostly utilizes low volatility, fixed income mutual funds and ETFs, with 10% invested in long call options on the S&P 500 Index and potentially hedged against the VIX.
Niemann RM Global Opportunity
This strategy uses tactical sector rotation to trade domestic and international equity and bond ETFs. Can be long, hedged, net short or in cash.
Niemann RM US Equity
Long or cash strategy using tactical sector rotation to trade domestic equity ETFs.
Niemann RM Global Bond
Long or cash strategy using fixed income ETFs. Strategy uses a tactical rotational approach with trend following and relative strength disciplines.
Potomac Bull/Bear
A 100% mechanical strategy that trades S&P 500 Index funds long (leveraged) or short, or can go to cash.
Potomac Guardian
Long, cash or hedged strategy using tactical analysis to trade domestic and international stock and bond mutual funds.
Portfolio Strategies Ultra Select
100% mechanical long or cash mean reversion strategy trading 1.5X leveraged S&P 500 Index mutual fund. Selective nature of the model keeps accounts in cash approximately 80% of the time.
Wellesley Convertible Bond
Long-only value-style strategy using fundamental analysis to select individual convertible bonds.
Aggressive Growth Programs
HWM Alpha Advantage
A combination of different long/short, actively managed strategies. Uses leveraged index equity funds with minimal manager discretion. Seeks to dramatically lower overall risk while delivering attractive returns in various market environments.
Scotia S&P Aggressive Growth
Long, short or cash program using trend following and mean reversion strategies trading 2X leveraged S&P 500 Index mutual funds.
YCG Concentrated Composite
Long-only value-style strategy using fundamental analysis to select among stocks that are priced below their intrinsic value.
Very Aggressive Growth Programs
Niemann Dynamic US Equity Core
Long-only strategy using tactical sector rotation to trade domestic equity ETFs. Unlike Niemann’s tactical strategies, Dynamic seeks to always be fully invested.
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