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Special Reports by Halbert Wealth Management

Occasionally, some topics are too complex or lengthy to discuss in our weekly Forecasts & Trends E-Letter. In such cases, Halbert Wealth Management produces a Special Report discussing the issue and its effects on our clients and their investments.

Request your free copy of a Special Report by clicking on any of the links below. If you have questions, drop us a note at You can also read more about investing in Gary's weekly Forecasts & Trends E-Letter. Sign up now by entering your email address in the form to the right.

401k Advanced Understanding and Maximizing Your 401(k) - Advanced

A sequel to our original 401(k) Special Report, this edition covers more complex aspects of 401(k) accounts, including Roth 401(k) accounts which provide no immediate tax break, but over time may be a better choice for many people.

Video - The Secret Risk Statistic Understanding and Maximizing Your 401(k)

If your company offers a 401(k) plan, you'll definitely want to learn more about what their benefits are, and why so many people believe they are great way to help you save for your retirement. This Special Report is not only designed to give you an overview of 401(k) plans and how they work, but it will also give you important suggestions on making your investment elections.

Handing Down Your Legacy Handing Down Your Legacy

Grieving family members who have lost loved ones may have no idea about how the family finances are organized, or even where to go to find important documents. Even individuals with extensive wills and trusts sometimes neglect leaving behind simple instructions such as a list of all their investments or where important papers are kept. Our free Handing Down Your Legacy tool will help you do this. Available in both Word and PDF.

Video - The Secret Risk Statistic Seven Risk Factors That Could Drive the Markets Lower

With so much uncertainty around the world, this is one of the most turbulent times in recent memory. The question on everyone’s mind is: Have we seen the worst, or are the markets poised to drop even further? Remember, the last serious market correction was 2007-2009. Many believe we are past due for a significant market drop, especially after the massive stock price gains we’ve seen since the bottom in March 2009.

Video - Bonds 101 The Search for Absolute Returns

Successful investors are increasingly striving to achieve “absolute returns” in their portfolios. Some investments are pretty much guaranteed to produce consistent positive annual returns, yet over the last several years the returns on many of these investments have been below the level of inflation. Find out how professional investors seek absolute returns and how you can take advantage of these strategies in your portfolio.

Video - The Secret Risk StatisticThe Secret Mutual Funds Don't Want You to Know

There is one secret statistic most mutual funds do not want you to know, one that shows you just how risky their funds are. This statistic is invaluable in evaluating almost any potential investment. Learn what it is, and how you can use it to help make better decisions on where you invest your money.

Video - Convertible Bonds 101 7 Secrets of Successful Investors

What is it that successful investors know that many of the rest of us don't? How do they use this information to help protect their portfolios from big losses? 7 Secrets of Successful Investors will tell you what their secrets are and how you can use these same secrets when investing your portfolio. Most successful investors aren't just lucky - they follow certain steps that help them reach their goals - steps you can learn to follow, too.

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